Is your site secure?

If you don't know if your site is secure or not, it's probably because no measures have been put in place to secure your platform.

At Pina Data, we absolutely implement security measures on the websites of all our clients.


Below is a list of points that are validated by our team of experts in order to optimize the security of a website.


Maintenance makes it possible to reduce security breaches in a preventive way.

Security scans

All maintenance plans include security and vulnerability scans.

Security plugin

A WordPress security plugin protects your site on several levels.

Choice of plugins

The reliability of WordPress plugins as well as the quantity reduce the risks.


If your site is hacked, we make sure to clean and secure your site.

HTTPS Conversion

An SSL certificate (HTTPS) is required to protect the data exchanged.


Backups are essential to keep a state of versions and restore if necessary.

Anti-spam measures

The addition of CAPTCHA, a honeypot and an anti-spam plugin prevent spam.


Changing the admin url and database prefix help with security.

Strengthen security

Hardening security starts first with a preliminary analysis. We assess the state of the website, then we proceed to configure and strengthen the security of your website. Get your preliminary analysis now!

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