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What is an acceptable loading speed?

The main metric we rely on is loading speed.

This represents the average loading time required for a page to be displayed in its entirety on your screen.

2.5 sec. and less

Since the implementation of Core Web Vitals by our friend Google, they recommend that each page of a website be loaded within 2.5 seconds or less. Since this change, made in May 2021, compliance with Core Web Vitals has become a search engine ranking factor (direct impact on the SEO natural referencing).

What we validate

Below is a list of points that are validated by our team of experts in order to optimize the performance of a website.

Web hosting

Validate the server where the site is located, as well as the configurations in place.

Code quality

Validate the quality of computer code in the theme and custom features.

File size

Validates the size of the media (images, audios, videos) and make sure to optimize them in terms of weight and sizes.

Quantity of medias

Reduce the amount of media (images, audios, videos) and prioritize content.


Make sure, first of all, that the environment (CMS and libraries) is up to date.


Caching allows information to be stored in memory. You can set up a server cache, via a CDN or local to a site.


Google AMP helps generate accelerated static mobile pages.

Quantity of scripts

Reduce the number of scripts generated by the technologies in place to reduce the load on the server.

Server Technologies

A server's technologies and configurations can allow us to further optimize performance.

Our analysis tools

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a tool developed by Google to calculate the performance of a site. The result obtained indicates a score out of 100 for the desktop and mobile versions.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools is a tool that offers a performance score, the weight of the page, the number of requests, the loading time as well as a list of recommendations.


GTmetrix is a tool that offers a score with a letter from A to F, based on the performance, structure and Core Web Vitals established by Google.

Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab Tools is a tool that offers an overall score out of 100, with the list of points to respect to increase the performance score obtained.

Our performance scores

The data below are the result of the recommendations of Pina Data based on our clients websites.

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Optimize performance

The optimization of the performance first starts with an analysis. We assess the state of the web site, and then we proceed by the result of the work of configuration and optimization of your website. Get your free scan now !

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