We have the expertise and only work with technologies that have proven their worth on the market.

You want to increase your sales ?

Trust our team of experts for setting up or redesigning a transaction platform.

The key to a transactional site

Below is a list of items that we believe are essential to any online store in order to satisfy our clients according to their business needs.

Secure Transactions

All transactions are done via a secure connection with encrypted data.

CMS accepted

We use proven technology on the market : Review, Shopify.

Custom functions

The features and configurations that are tailored to the needs of the store.

Shopping cart

The purchase phase includes all the part shopping cart and transaction of the order.

Automatic emails

E-mails are configured to send, according to the status of the order.

Customer accounts

The creation of customer account encourages the purchase of recurring products.

Administration panel

The administration allows you to manage products and sales reports.

Shipping methods

The pickup in-store and delivery homes are configurable.

Product management

Product management requires the management of the quantities, prices, and specifications.

Increase my sales

The increase of online sales begins first with an analysis of your shop current (if applicable) and your business needs. Subsequently, we proceed to the next step which is to transform your needs into technological solution.

Characteristics of a transactional site

Below are the specifics of a transaction platform. Unlike a traditional website, our team will put in place solutions robust to ensure the best quality.


Accommodation performance based on the traffic of your website, the number of products and transactions.

Payment gateway

Configuration of a system of payment that suits you : Moneris Stripe, PayPal, etc

Marketing Plan / SEO

A detailed plan to optimize your search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid (SEM).

Shipping Service

A shipping service according to your business needs : FedEx, UPS, Sameday, etc

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Increase my

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