Who is hiding behind the pineapples and the data?

Who are we?

First of all, what is Pina Data?

Pina Data is a website optimization agency that focuses on the accessibility and maintenance of its clients' websites.

Nicolas Johnson

The founder

Nicolas Johnson

At the age of 11, Nicolas was setting up websites with the Piczo platform, which was used, at the time, to create blogs. The passion for the web was already there.

Around the age of 12, Nicolas wanted to become a video game designer. In the 5th year of high school, Nicolas had been recommended to the "Cégep de Saint-Jérôme" in "Techniques d'intégration multimédia". He had hated video game lessons but, luckily for him, he was very interested in web lessons.

He did his internship in a web agency on the North Shore of Quebec where he learned to develop WordPress sites. One thing leading to another, he gained experience in e-commerce, via Magento and Shopify, experience in optimizing and maintaining websites.

Why Pina Data?

Pina's "n" is actually pronounced like a "ñ". If we take the word "Piña 🍍", it means "Pineapple" in Spanish. In some Latin American cultures, it is said that the pineapple is, among other things, the king of fruits, but also that it is a sign of welcome, of inclusiveness. Someone new arrives in your neighborhood, you offer them a pineapple as a welcome. The word “Data” is simply the English translation of the word “Donnée”.

Pina Data's mission is therefore part of the name itself:

“Transforming customer site data to make it inclusive (accessible). »

Logo Pina Data
Carlos Pina

Who is the little pineapple behind our company logo?

Yes yes, you understood correctly. Who is he ? This little guy not only represents the company logo, he also has a name of his own.

His name is Carlos Pina. When the weather is nice and warm, Carlos puts on his sunglasses and goes to the beach.

At Pina Data, we work well. When you work according to the rules of the art, you don't have to worry and you can enjoy, from time to time, a day at the beach like Carlos.